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Prisoner 84 in HD

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27th March 2012

We recently decided to take a short break from our latest game so that we could finally get around to enhancing Prisoner 84 for the newer devices. We know…finally, right?

Although it’s not as far reaching an update as we had planned (last time I checked there are still only two of us!), we have managed to get it looking a lot nicer on higher resolution screens.

The main areas we have concentrated on for this update are new weapon models, as well as new character models – for which I created new, higher poly models from scratch, together with larger texture maps.

We have also enhanced the UI for HD devices so that it’s not only nicer looking, but also hopefully more scalable.

Here are a few early screen shots showing off some of the bits we’ve given a spring clean (you can find more here)…

We will hopefully be submitting this update to apple very soon.

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Prisoner 84 Update Now Available

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30th July 2010

The latest update for Prisoner 84 has just passed submission so should be appearing on all iTunes App Stores over the next day or so.

The update hopefully addresses most of the main issues people were having with the game, including: a fix for the sound-related crash bug that some iPhone 4 users were experiencing during key card swipe and slider hold games; as well as including a few GUI tweaks and improvements, like a larger directional pad to hopefully make movement a lot easier.

Click here or on the image below to head over to the iTunes App Store to get the latest version.

Upgrade to Prisoner 84 v1.1 on iTunes

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Hidden Fan Shop is Open for Business, and Prisoner 84 Update Coming Soon

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27th July 2010

Just a quick update to say that I’ve recently set up a Hidden fan shop over at Zazzle. If you would like to show your support and help us out in a small way so that we can continue to do what we love, then why not impress your friends with a handsome Hidden Games t-shirt? I will hopefully get around to adding more designs at some point, and of course if anyone has any requests then we will be happy to oblige.

In other news we have just submitted v1.1 of Prisoner 84 to Apple. This update will hopefully fix some of the issues people have been experiencing during the game, so if all goes well it should be live on iTunes very soon. As ever, we will keep you informed right here!

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Prisoner 84 First Week Roundup

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23rd July 2010

It looks like Prisoner 84 has really struck a chord with a lot of people, with many appreciating it for what it is and really digging its scary atmosphere! We’d like to thank everyone who has contacted us and given us their feedback.


We’ve collected a list of reviews, articles and giveways so you can see for yourself what many people are saying…

FindMySoft.com (review)
Heavy Jack (review)
Mobile Tech Review (review)
iFanZine.com (review, competition)
TouchArcade.com (review)
AppSpy.com (review)
iPhone.ru (review) *in Russian
orangeiphone.ru (review) *in Russian
TouchAholics.com (interview, review, preview)
PocketGamer.co.uk (review)
AppSized.com (review)


I have also recently uploaded the official Prisoner 84 FAQ, which you can download here: Prisoner 84 FAQ/Walkthrough (292). Also available is a secrets FAQ: Prisoner 84 Secrets (161). If you have any questions that aren’t covered in either of the FAQs, then please contact us and we’ll be happy to assist firther.

There’s also quite a discussion going on over at toucharcade, which we’ve also been posting on from time to time. And we are also happy to say that one of the post’s contributors (RttaM) has kindly set up a handy help thread for anyone who might still be stuck.

Thanks again to RttaM and everybody else who has contributed help to others on the toucharcade forums. We’d also like to thank everyone for their positive feedback and kind words over this past week!

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Prisoner 84 Out Now!

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16th July 2010

We are pleased to announce that Prisoner 84 is now available to purchase on iTunes. Click here, or on the image below, to view Prisoner 84 on the iTunes App Store.

Buy Prisoner 84 on iTunes

To coincide with today’s release, we have also prepared a brand new trailer which will hopefully whet your appetite…

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Prisoner 84 – Release Date

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15th July 2010

The news just in is that we have passed at Apple so are ready for release. Prisoner 84 will be available on the App Store on Friday July 16th. We will have a launch trailer and gameplay video ready so check back tomorrow for all the goodies.

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Prisoner 84’s Gib System

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6th July 2010

With our third game almost complete and nearly ready to submit to Apple, we thought we’d take this opportunity to reveal in more detail some of the unique features you can find in Prisoner 84.

One feature in particular which we’re quite proud of is the basic gib system that we have on our enemies. The system allows random parts of the body to fly off when the enemy is shot at by the player, as you can see in these screenshots…

Prisoner 84 Gib System Before
Prisoner 84 Gib System After

It’s not an amazingly detailed or complex system but it does add variety to enemy encounters, as it allows you to shoot the flesh off the torso, head, arms and legs to reveal the skeleton! It can get pretty intense when you have enemies chasing after you who are each showing different degrees of damage!

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Prisoner 84 for iPhone and iPod touch

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27th June 2010

It’s been almost six months in development and our new game is finally nearing completion! Prisoner 84 is a third-person action/adventure game for the iPhone and iPod touch that sees the player take control of a psychotic inmate who is attempting to escape prison. The game features a mixture of action as well as classic adventure game style puzzles.

It’s been tough going — we set out to see what two people could achieve in their spare time in the space of six months (with no budget whatsoever!), and I think what we’ve ended up with will satisfy a lot of different types of gamers. That’s what we’re hoping anyway!

Here’s a little sneak peak at Prisoner 84 in action.

Update: Here are a few screenshots (you can find more here)…

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