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Prisoner 84 Android Release

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30th January 2013

We have now made Prisoner 84 for Android available for download through our website.

The reason this is not appearing on the Google Play Store is due to the size limitation of apk files without using an extra download system within the application which we were not prepared to do.

Another reason is due to unfortunately high piracy rates we have been suffering with our other games on android, we don’t see much worth in putting the effort in. We realise there are many methods to try and cut down the ability to pirate applications such as the licensing library from Google, however we feel that this would be detrimental to the game(s) and would only serve to cause problems for legitimate customers having to be online to play the game(s).

So to cut a long story short – Prisoner 84 is now available for free on Android devices.

We would like to make everyone aware that downloading this game grants you no customer support and it’s a use at your own risk agreement.

You will require Android 3.0 (Honeycomb) or higher.

To install the game you generally have two options. If you have ‘unknown sources’ enabled on your device you should be able to simply download the apk file from your browser and then request to install the apk.

Another option if your device does not allow auto-installation is to grab the apk on a PC and use some software that will connect to your device and install the apk for you. There are a wide range of tools that allow this for various device types. We recommend doing a search to see what’s the best tool for your own phone or tablet.

This release is the high-end version of the game so therefore we would recommend you have decent CPU and GPU in your phone or tablet and make sure very few or better still, zero other applications are running when you start the game.

Please be aware that any emails or comments requesting any support or help with regards to installing, performance, errors or any other kind of request for the android build, will most likely not be answered. If the game works, it works – if it doesn’t then tough luck.

You can grab the download here…

Prisoner 84 Android APK

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Cabby and Prisoner 84 updates now available

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6th July 2012

Updates for both Cabby and Prisoner 84 are now available on the App Store.

The Cabby update includes a few minor graphical fixes which should rectify some minor lag issues that some people were experiencing on certain devices. We have also made a small update to the in-app purchase system to hopefully make it a bit more user-friendly.

And as mentioned in an earlier post, the Prisoner 84 update now has added GameCenter support with 25 achievements.

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Prisoner 84 Update

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25th June 2012

Prisoner 84 update v2.1 has been sent to Apple for review. In this update we have added a whopping 25 GameCenter achievements. How far will you travel into Tryton prison to get them all?

As always we’ll keep you all informed of the review progress.

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Prisoner 84 – sale now on

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22nd June 2012

To celebrate the update of Cabby, from Fri 22st June until Sun 22nd June Prisoner 84 will be having its first ever sale – down to $0.99/£0.69/0,79€

In the coming weeks you should see news about the next Prisoner 84 update (v2.1) which will include some GameCenter achievements to add a little bit of extra fun to your journey through Tryton prison.

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Prisoner 84 HD round-up and promo code giveaway

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21st April 2012

Here’s a quick round-up of noteworthy mentions we’ve had this week following the release of Prisoner 84 HD.

“Creepy Action Game Prisoner 84 Goes Universal In Update”appadvice.com

“Creepy Action Game ‘Prisoner 84’ Updated with Universal Support and Retina Display Visuals”toucharcade.com

“Prisoner 84 goes universal review”chriswrites.com

“Survival Horror Game Prisoner 84 universal and retina updates”ipadblogs.nl

“Prisoner 84 takes you to jail”itopnews.de

Also a quick reminder that this weekend we are giving away a bunch of promo codes, so keep your eyes peeled on Twitter, our Facebook page, and over at the Touch Arcade forum!

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Prisoner 84 HD Video

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20th April 2012

Following on from yesterday’s release of the Prisoner 84 HD update, we’ve put together this new video which highlights some of the visual enhancements that we’ve implemented.

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Prisoner 84 HD update now available on the App Store

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19th April 2012

The HD update of Prisoner 84 has been approved and we are delighted to say is now available on the App Store. Click here to get it now.

To mark the release of this update we will be giving away a limited number of promo codes — so keep your eyes peeled on our Facebook page and Twitter account this weekend, and you could be in with a chance of landing yourself a free copy of the game!

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Prisoner 84 HD Update submitted to Apple

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12th April 2012

We’ve completed work on the Prisoner 84 HD update, and it has been submitted to Apple for review! Hopefully there is a quick turn around and you will see it in the Apple Store within the next few weeks.

Don’t forget to check back on our blog and twitter account for the chance to catch a promo code upon release.

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