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WordPlay, out now on iOS and Android!

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21st January 2017

WordPlay Banner

Our latest game, WordPlay is out now for free on both iOS and Android.

WordPlay is a word-based puzzle game where the player has to spell words and colour match falling blocks… at the same time!

It features 4 unique game modes, including a 2 player head to head mode.

Click here to visit the WordPlay website for more information.

You can pick it up now for free on the App Store and Google Play Store.

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“Box, box, box!”, A new Hidden release!

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24th October 2016

Super Pit Stop Banner

Today we are delighted to announce a new release published by Hidden: Super Pit Stop.

Super Pit Stop is an addictive button basher set in the world of motor racing where you must keep your race engineer happy by performing the fastest pit stop possible.

Feel the rush of adrenaline as your driver approaches the pit box, raise the car up onto its jacks, change each wheel by undoing and tightening each wheel nut, before finally lowering the lollipop to send your driver back on their way!

Pick up a copy today to see if you can climb to the tippy top of the Super Pit Stop Hall of Fame!

Super Pit Stop is available today for free on iOS and Android.

Click here to vist the Super Pit Stop website for more information.

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Cabby Lite updated

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17th July 2012

The free version of Cabby – Cabby Lite – has finally been updated to incorporate the changes we made to the full game. Why not try before you buy?

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