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New Cabby update now

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10th October 2012

A new update for Cabby is now available on the App Store, featuring 5 brand new taxis, a selection of new achievements, and Kiip support!

Click here to download it now.

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Cabby and Prisoner 84 updates now available

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6th July 2012

Updates for both Cabby and Prisoner 84 are now available on the App Store.

The Cabby update includes a few minor graphical fixes which should rectify some minor lag issues that some people were experiencing on certain devices. We have also made a small update to the in-app purchase system to hopefully make it a bit more user-friendly.

And as mentioned in an earlier post, the Prisoner 84 update now has added GameCenter support with 25 achievements.

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Cabby update out tomorrow

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20th June 2012

We are delighted to announce that the Cabby update we have been working on over the last month or so has been approved and will hit the App Store tomorrow!

So what’s in the update? Quite a bit, as you can see from this new trailer!

Seeing as Cabby was over 2 years old, we felt simply rebuilding it to run on the latest devices wasn’t going to be enough. So we decided to spend a bit more time on it to make the most of what the latest devices could manage, while ensuring it would still run on first gen devices (just like it always has!!).

Here’s a quick run down of some of the most notable new features:-

  • New and improved Arcade Mode which uses a star system to reward the player for achieving certain goals
  • Improved Career Mode to make it more fun and dynamic
  • New tilt control option
  • Levels have been re-imagined to not only look nicer, but also to perform better on all devices
  • New customer types: their wealth is now indicated by the colour of their clothes – go for the richer clients for a bigger payday!
  • New port models, customer models & animations, as well as many other visual enhancements
  • New time of day effects and dynamic lighting
  • Added achievements and Game Center support
  • Added optional in-app purchases for unlockable items (all unlocks can still be achieved in normal play)
  • New and improved UI for all versions
  • Added playlist support so you can listen to your own music while you play
  • New universal build
  • Added support for native resolutions of all devices with 2x MultiSample Anti-Aliasing on high-end devices
  • Added multitask support
  • Spanish translation (possibly more translations in the future)
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Cabby update in the works

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25th April 2012

After the Prisoner 84 HD update, we’ve decided that the time is right to revisit Cabby!

We’ve got lots of improvements and a few new features planned for an update, but we will go into more detail about that later on. For now, even though it’s still very early days, here are a few screen shots to give you an idea how it might end up looking in HD!

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Cabby Out Now on iTunes

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16th November 2009

We are pleased to announce that this afternoon both Cabby and Cabby Lite have been approved by Apple and are now available on the iTunes App store.

Click here, or on the image below, to view Cabby on the App Store page.

Buy Cabby on iTunes

If you’d prefer to try before you buy, then you can click here to download Cabby Lite, which will allow you to sample what the full game has to offer.

To coincide with the release of Cabby and Cabby Lite, we have added a selection of new screenshots to our Cabby section.

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Introducing Cabby and Cabby Lite

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9th November 2009

Cabby Announcement

We have just submitted our new game Cabby – as well as a free demo version intriguingly entitled Cabby Lite – to Apple.

Cabby is a side-on 3D thrust-based game which puts the player in the driving seat of a flying taxi!

We are currently in the process of revamping our website, but you can expect more information about Cabby (including loads of screenshots and videos) when these changes go live…which will hopefully be over the next few days.

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