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Air Cadets update out now!

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25th September 2012

We are pleased to announce that Air Cadets has passed, and is now available to download on the App Store. Why not click here to download it right now? After all, it is free!

You might also have noticed that we’ve updated the main Air Cadets page with all the latest info and screenshots for the new version. The update includes the following new trailer…

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Air Cadets update submitted to Apple

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14th September 2012

The update for Air Cadets has today been submitted to Apple for review. To mark the occasion, we thought we’d post yet more screenshots!


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More screenshots of our Air Cadets update

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10th September 2012

Here are a few more screenshots of our Air Cadets update, which we think show just how far it’s come in the last 3-4 weeks! We will hopefully be submitting to Apple very soon!


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First look at Air Cadets update!

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1st August 2012

Having updated Prisoner 84 and, more recently, Cabby, we’ve decided to revisit the first ever game we made for iPhone: Air Cadets.

Anyone who’s fired up Air Cadets on current devices will probably have noticed a few issues, most notably the frame rate. So we’ve decided an update is in order, and as usual we’ve got a long list of improvements we will try to implement. But nothing is set in stone just yet, all we can tell you is that it will remain free-to-play!

The following is a screen shot of our current build which offers a brief glimpse at some of the visual improvements we’ve already implemented.

Air Cadets update teaser

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New Game Announcement Coming Soon

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6th September 2009

After months of development, our new game is starting to take shape. We should be able to reveal more over the next few weeks, with a release planned before the end of the year.

In other news, Air Cadets is now available for the bargain price of £0.59p! You can get it now at iTunes here.

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Air Cadets v1.1 Out Now

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23rd December 2008

Air Cadets version 1.1 is now ready to download at the App Store. As mentioned in more detail in a previous post, it includes enhancements to the game’s controls and camera system.

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Air Cadets Update In Development

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19th December 2008

Air Cadets has been out for a few weeks now and, following some customer feedback, we have been working on a few enhancements to improve the game’s controls and camera system.

Version 1.1 will include both a digital and analogue control system, as well as a second camera mode. We have kept the original controls/camera system in-game (selectable via the options menu) so hopefully the new update will suit everybody!

Version 1.1 has been submitted to Apple and should hopefully appear in iTunes very soon.

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