Prisoner 84’s Gib System

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6th July 2010

With our third game almost complete and nearly ready to submit to Apple, we thought we’d take this opportunity to reveal in more detail some of the unique features you can find in Prisoner 84.

One feature in particular which we’re quite proud of is the basic gib system that we have on our enemies. The system allows random parts of the body to fly off when the enemy is shot at by the player, as you can see in these screenshots…

Prisoner 84 Gib System Before
Prisoner 84 Gib System After

It’s not an amazingly detailed or complex system but it does add variety to enemy encounters, as it allows you to shoot the flesh off the torso, head, arms and legs to reveal the skeleton! It can get pretty intense when you have enemies chasing after you who are each showing different degrees of damage!

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