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Slam! For iPod/iPhone

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21st March 2010

Mak Software Studio – a friend of Hidden – have just released their first game for iPod/iPhone called Slam!

Slam! is an addictive match making game with 50+ levels. Test your memory and your reflexes as things get frantic very quickly.

You can find out more at MakSW

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Dev Diary #2: Texture Atlasing

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13th March 2010

One of the recent additions to our tool chain is the ability to create texture atlases.

Texture Atlasing is a concept whereby you place multiple textures into a single bigger texture or textures so that you drastically reduce your texture binding and swaps during the rendering of a complex scene.

Atlasing has existed for a while and has been used on many older games as a primary technique — the Quake games for example started using atlasing for a level’s lightmap information. We have recently been looking into this technique because we have increased our texture usage, plus atlasing has a lot of benefits on devices such as the iPhone where texture bandwidth is limited.

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Dev Diary #1: Core Tech

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1st March 2010

Over the coming weeks as we continue development on our next game – and in an attempt to get into the habit of updating our web site more regularly! – we will be posting a series of development diaries. These diaries will not only allow us to document our progress for our own benefit, but we hope will provide other indie developers with an insight into how we work – which may prove beneficial when applying our development concepts to their own projects.

In our first dev diary we will cover some of our core tech that we have been developing on and off since our first release in 2008. To illustrate our tech we will be showing off a prototype that we were working on called “H3”.

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